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OSS Sei-i Tai Shogun 大将軍

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The Year of Covid19

The year you still continue to improve!

Hi Karateka and Everyone,

It seems possible that Argyll is going to reopen the schools in August. So, we should discuss how we handle this.

Personally, I  am not at all sure that I will be there. It's hard to evaluate the risk at the moment, however that should not impede the process of getting the club up and running again, if there is a will for it.

I have already been notified by A&B that the hire fees are being hiked. I don't know the scale of that yet but we will have to revisit our own charges as a result, and perhaps introduce monthly or term payments in advance.

Now is the time to throw your hat in the ring if you have ideas for either taking the club forward or just improving what we have.

Keep safe.

Hope to see you soon.

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Here is where we might find ways to keep learning.